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VoyeurJapanTV vjt_20981_5-def-1 PANTIES IN THE PARK

It’s a glorious summer day and studious coeds in their uniforms are finding spots on the low stone wall to sit and read or check their messages. Our camera is aimed straight across and shooting up into the pleated folds of their shorty little skirts. A girl with long tawny limbs gets a call and chats for a long while with her legs parted just enough to provide us a perfect panty show of soft pink cotton loveliness. When she steps away we’re there to inspect the round damp spot on the wall where she sat and conversed.
A lovely lass with shapely thighs reads a fashion magazine and draws one leg up to rest a foot on the wall. She fans her sweaty panties and gives an innocent little scratch of her leg while we watch every exciting moment.
Another girl with chic bobbed hair fans herself impatiently in the summer swelter as she squats on a shady sidewalk. Her plain navy skirt and starched white blouse give no indication of the sweet brightly patterned panties underneath in their girlish glory.

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